Tomorrow's the last day of FRC robotics build. I've never done so much CAD work, 3D printing (with multiple printers running), Arduino work and probing signals with my oscilloscope in 6 hours, ever. Facilitating is hard work. For every hour I put in though, the students put in way more. They've built a fantastic robot, way ahead of where they've been in previous years. Every day when I show up and check out the robot, I'm blown away with the new ideas they've come up with and incorporated. Still tons to do tomorrow, and the programmers will be working hard with the practice robot over the next 2 weeks to get autonomous features in.

Book finished: The Trade of Queens

The Trade of Queens by Charles Stross


I was pretty concerned after reading some of the "it doesn't end it just stops" reviews. I like the series and was hoping it wasn't like that.

IMO it wasn't. It's an entirely legitimate ending, I think well written, the characters remained true, and as we now know, the story continues in Empire Games.

I was wondering why Empire Games wasn't just book 7 (or 4, whatever) in Merchant Princes, but having read this and the synopsis of EG, I see why.

Anyway a good book in the series, a good ending to this arc.

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