Moved out

I've moved to - if you followed me here, please feel free to add me to your circle there.

Garage Oct 13-14

I was busy all day long but mostly it was moving things from random locations to sensible ones (cleaning and sorting). Work is already going faster as I know where tools are. The heat pump is operating very well so far; can't hear it at all but the room stays at the right temp and there's a gentle breeze coming from it. This is the only photo of a completed section that I took today.


House stuff

Mowed the lawn, did the weekly dump run, plan to do dishes and a little vacuuming yet tonight.

In the garage, I accomplished a few things. Mower in a permanent location. Plan for hanging bikes. Plan for hanging yard tools. Most of the deck cleared. Quite a few things put away, at least first approximation.

Menards trip first thing in the morning to grab a few odds and ends, then back at it tomorrow.


I really need to get up to speed, and on Embedded last week they had a prof from Arizona State that has what sounds like a very good kit to accompany a free online course.
I really can't afford the $400 for the kit right now, but it's basic stuff. I picked up everything I don't already have sitting around for about $80 and will try to power through this in the next few weeks. It does machine vision and kinematics. Also sensors and motor control but I already know that stuff.


With last week spent entirely in the UP, nothing at all has been done here. Today was first Bell Choir rehearsal so it was mostly a loss too. I did manage to get the car cleaned out.

I got a new laptop at work so that's a time suck. I was going to start some lengthy installs from home but I didn't realize that the IT dept hadn't turned on remote access so that didn't work either.

Going to try to pry as much time as possible loose to get some stuff done.

Shop progress

I got the complicated shelf mostly done yesterday, just need to get some sheet goods to finish it. It took all day Sunday because it's complex. The next shelf over will be easy, it's just straight shelves. Only problem now is that it's raining and I can't go get sheet goods now. Maybe tomorrow night.

Books read Jul-Dec 2018

I lowered my goal to 30 books this year since I want to accomplish other things. As of September I'm past that goal, but I'm no longer reading to reach a goal, but rather for pleasure, which I think is the point anyway.

Total to date Jul-Dec 2018
ebooks: 3
audiobooks: 14
total: 17

Heat pump

Well I'm nervous about this but I'm installing the mini split heat pump. The part that made me nervous was bending the pipe with ends already on it. I kinked it, so I got that out of the way, cut it and was able to then get a bending spring on it so I can make the short radius bend needed without kinking it. One of these days I should buy a non-shitty flare tool though. Except I only use the thing once every 4 or 5 years.
Tomorrow to cut and flare the other ends, hook it up, pump a vacuum and see if it works.

Garage progress

The room is basically done as a room. Now I have to appoint it, everything from putting in the heat pump (which arrived today but is still on its pallet) to wiring the internet/wifi/security cameras, to building shelves and organizing things.

But it looks more like a room now and my bike and Jenn's car are back inside. I could theoretically get both my car and the bike inside for now, but there's a lot of junk including 5 bicycles that need to go in and will take up a bunch of room.



Listening to Hello Internet this morning, I decided to install a site blocker on Chrome. So now during business hours, except when I'm eating lunch, Facebook, YouTube and Imgur are blocked. Coincidentally (!) I'm getting a bit of work done today.

I started to ride the bike to work today, got about half a mile, the mist was making it so my visibility was to my visor. When a car was approaching I couldn't see a damned thing. So I nope'd out and got in the car.

I did a little research and ordered some NikWax Visor Proof - we'll see how that works next time it rains. Opinions on how to keep rain clear from a visor range from "rub a potato on it" to commercial products to Lemon Pledge and the ever-popular "just keep your speed up to 120 MPH, the water will SHEET right off."