September 14th, 2018



Listening to Hello Internet this morning, I decided to install a site blocker on Chrome. So now during business hours, except when I'm eating lunch, Facebook, YouTube and Imgur are blocked. Coincidentally (!) I'm getting a bit of work done today.

I started to ride the bike to work today, got about half a mile, the mist was making it so my visibility was to my visor. When a car was approaching I couldn't see a damned thing. So I nope'd out and got in the car.

I did a little research and ordered some NikWax Visor Proof - we'll see how that works next time it rains. Opinions on how to keep rain clear from a visor range from "rub a potato on it" to commercial products to Lemon Pledge and the ever-popular "just keep your speed up to 120 MPH, the water will SHEET right off."