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Hyperion by Dan Simmons

Book 1 on the Hyperion Cantos

Wow, very good. All of the pilgrims' stories were excellent. However, be warned that the story continues in the next book, which Wikipedia says will finish this story.

I picked this selection due to a "top 100 SciFi books" list.

FWIW I'm back to using my Sony reader, but only for the rest of the week or so, as I'm selling it in preparation for buying a Nook Touch. I'll probably use the Android tablet in between when I sell the Sony and when the Nooks are available. The page turn time on the Sony has really started to bug me, though the battery life and readability more than makes up for it. The Nook should give me all of that. I've started buying my books from B&N, and in fact this title was purchased for the Nook, cracked and moved to the Sony reader.
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Didn't know about those, thanks. I added it to my RSS feed and just DL'd the current two free things.

I did notice that it seems like some of the stuff that they've given away is public domain anyway, but that's probably in the minority.

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The FF are almost always something to tempt you into a new author. The PD stuff is on top of that. The B&N classics are what you'd expect, and always formatted very nicely. They move in and out of free status from time to time.

Searching the nook store for "free" will bring up a lot of stuff too, but be careful about previews.
B&N's free stuff is OK, but not always great for formatting. The absolute best I've found is if it's been done at The volunteers there really do an excellent job. I've tossed out both Gutenberg and B&N copies of PD works after getting the MobileRead versions.

Heck, I bought a book from them yesterday after having read most of it in a pirated copy and deciding that it was good enough that I should give the author the sale. The paid-for commercial copy from B&N wasn't as nice as the pirated copy. I mean, it wasn't bad, but the pirated copy was a little nicer. The B&N copy didn't even include cover art.
There are two categories of free at B&N. There are odd ball specials, and Fridays. These are alway professionally done and really nice. Then there's 'stuff' that, so far as I can tell, is only B&N because it's on the site. No B&N person ever had a finger in it.

The 99 cent stuff is always very chancy on quality. Apparently any old person can sell via B&N, and they do.
The title I bought on Saturday was Hyperion. The actual formatting of the book was OK. There was no cover art though, which I don't like. I really can't complain about it, but the pirated copy was nicer.