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Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings

Book 2 of the Belgariad.

Nothing to report, the story rolls on and it's still interesting if not riveting. The books seem to have been divided by number of pages as much as anything else.

So far I must assume that this is on the "top 100" list because it broke ground at the time or something. It's an OK book but so far if taken on its own I don't know what would put it above many other such stories. Maybe the other books will improve things.
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The Belgariad is very much a coming-of-age story, set in a nicely colorful world, and probably should be considered Young Adult fiction (at least among geeks). While it was my favorite series in middle school, I think that I'd find it a bit trite if I was to re-read it now. I wouldn't bother with the sequel series, The Malloreon, unless you like the Belgariad enough to re-read it; it's essentially the same story told over again.
I suppose that would explain it, especially how linear the story is. The group almost always stays together, but even when they don't, the storyline always stays with Garion. Very un-complicated and vanilla.

I had the same feeling about the one Pern novel that I wrote, though that was far worse; the characters in that were barely two-dimensional.

I had already realized that I wouldn't be reading the Malloreon. This series is going pretty fast, all 5 books will take about the same amount of time as one of the Void series books. And they're not bad, just a little plain.