Thiols are not my friend

The dog caught our skunk out of its hole again. Or maybe the skunk caught the dog. So now I need to restock my supply of hydrogen peroxide. Bleh. The problem is that even if you clean the dog perfectly, the house smells from just hauling her through to the bathtub, and the property smells.
Stupid dog, or at least doesn't learn quickly. Maybe a utility sink in the garage would help? Barring that, how about the floor for a square shower/drain in the garage, with a hand-held water sprayer? And keep the gallons of peroxide in a cupboard nearby...
Well, given that the garage is unattached with no plumbing or heating, that'd be pretty difficult.
Even more reason to install a utility sink that drains through the garage wall and into a pile of stones... for water, you could put in one of those on demand hot water heaters and run a hose out there. See:

This may not help in the winter but for the other seasons it'd be workable. And just think: you could play with technology that is new to you. What's not to like?
What's not to like is more damned work to do. I do not need new projects, particularly one that would involve spending $1000 and using up a dozen or more hours of my time to slightly lessen the skunk smell in the house for a few days.

The house would get stunk up anyway, because by the time we know she's skunked, she's already in the house. I'd have to drag her back outside and into the garage rather than into the bathroom. The bathroom would not get smelly.

If you'd seen my garage recently you'd also realize that this would also add the step of spending about 3 to 5 hours cleaning the garage in order to get to where I could get the dog into the shower stall.

Also, it'd have to be a full bath+shower or a specialty dog bath tub; I haven't seen any utility sinks that would work for washing a 70 pound dog - it'd have to be at least 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. At that point it's taking up a ridiculous amount of space in the garage.

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