Duckon and blinkies

I spent the weekend (well, Wednesday through Sunday) at Duckon running the blinkie room. It was a success. We sold 154 blinkies all told, the vast majority (> 100) of them my new design. We netted a few hundred bucks and still had a few dozen blinkies in stock to use next year, so that's good (since this is supposed to be a charity, after all).

The new room required a new layout, thanks to Dermot for helping with setup; it was roomier when we were done and easier to walk around in, while still having 24 usable work stations. A few others stopped by and helped. I was told in the GT room Saturday night that I really should solicit GT for volunteer techs, for short (probably 2 hour) shifts. That would be most excellent since we ran the room all weekend with me and one or two other people. Even having someone to do the sales would be good and I've already requested a sales-capable gopher for next year.

So, big thanks to Dermot, Mary Lynn, Mark H. and James Brown for helping out this weekend.

I made a lot of notes for next year, though mainly what we need is a few more hand tools and a little more help. I also need to find a place to buy a whole box of replacement tips for Radio Shack soldering tips. Leaving them on for hours at a time and seldom cleaning them erodes them away fast.

As for the rest of the convention, what convention? I didn't see it. Thankfully I had the foresight to grab enough food and soda to last me until close before opening up in the morning, because I only got out for 3 minutes to hit the bathroom one time.

I have a bunch of ideas for new blinkies or even blinkie-related tech; I think I already have enough ideas for the next 5 years.