Nook 2E bug reported and confirmed

The B&N online support (web email) system is utterly useless, like almost all companies claiming to do email tech support, they read no more than 3 words, and as soon as they see any key word they just blast off a boilerplate response. In this case I was reporting the firmware bug I mentioned here a few days ago, where if you wake it from sleep and touch the touch screen but do not do the proper drag to unlock it, it sits in the half-woken state forever, killing the battery.

As soon as they read "touch screen" they sent off a boilerplate paragraph saying that the N2E uses an infrared touch screen and even a tiny speck of dust may interfere with it. Yeah thanks. That has nothing to do with what I said.

I called the 800 number and finally got them to realize that I was reporting a general bug, not a problem with my unit. They tested and confirmed and said that they're passing the info along to development.

Email help there is 0 for 2. If you want help, call the 800 number. B&N apparently can't do email.

Similarly, if you want to use anything at, it's probably best to use Internet Explorer. Stuff appears to mostly work, but there are dozens of tiny things that don't work right unless you're on IE. Some controls on their forums don't work at all except under IE, others cause errors.

As much as I think they really did an excellent job with the design of the N2E (maybe the others too, I've not had any experience with them), they really have a ways to go in terms of online competence.