I'm pretty much over on Google+ 100% now, for those who have thought that there seemed to be a lot less pointless drivel on their friend's page. I have only gotten here twice on 5 days now and it'll probably taper down from there. G+ seems to be (at least currently) a great middle ground that hits both what I got out of LJ and what I wanted to get out of FB (but never did due to the low S/N ratio there).

G+ doesn't allow the flexibility of posting that LJ does, at least not yet, but it's probably not a bad thing to force me to be a little more concise.
Have fun.

If, if it doesn't melt down by, oh say, Halloween. I'll consider creating an account.
It really is a fairly different system than LJ, pretty much directly in the *direction* of FB but not nearly as far as that. It is FB with most of the things that I don't like about FB fixed.

Also, LJ is blocked at work so I can't get to it most of the day, that's a strike against it even though I like it as a service.

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