Lab progress (G+ post)

Decided to turn the unused room in the basement into a lab, built this bench. Got a computer set up there and drivers working for AVR programming. Gathering all the random bits and pieces from all over into one place.

  • dermot dobson - I've just been tidying my playroom - at 31'x12' it is bigger than I need these days of not running a business from home. The rear half is getting a comfy chair by the patio doors as a secondary reading/tv area. OTOH, I have been buying a lot of components on Ebay recently - damn good deals to be had. One plan is certainly to learn some basics of the single chip stuff, never having done any - so I will watch your progress with interest!
  • John Ridley - A while back I started some microcontroller stuff on the Blinkie section of the GT Wiki but I never took it very far. I think I may redo it with the Arduino, then perhaps add a section on simpler chips.
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