Staying with Google Plus (G+ post)

If this thing remains clean, I'm definitely staying here. It's Facebook without the crap. As soon as they start adding games, if I have no ability to ignore them, it'll be on the downhill slope.
In short, if this remains actual social media rather than a platform to get people to pay to waste their time, I'll be very happy with it.
The best thing about it is that it's pretty clear who's going to see posts. That's one thing I hate about FB-there's absolutely no way to really control who will see a post, even though it seems like there is.
Also I'll be interested to see if posts are held forever - it's common for me to refer back to things that I posted on LJ years ago. Not possible at all on FB AFAIK.

  • Michael Brian Bentley - Postings being in posting-time order is the big thing for me. I'll never understand Facebook's default.
  • John Ridley - Yes, that's another gripe of mine. Facebook seems to be designed to encourage scatterbrained thinking.
  • dermot dobson - Yup, you've put your finger on two of my major gripes with FB.
  • Elle Plato - +2
  • +1 by Linda Larson