Discover card (G+ post)

That was nerve-wracking. I've got a balance on my Discover card of several thousand, it's a balance transfer from another card and due to various shenanigans, I'm paying 0% on it forever as long as I keep making minimum payments on it. I'd been doing it manually but I figured why not use their auto-pay?

Problem is that Discover has a really inflexible and scary autopay system. The payment doesn't post until the day AFTER the due date, but they promise that its EFFECTIVE date is the due date so it's OK. Also they don't show it as a pending payment, you just have to hope and trust that it's going to happen. And it doesn't happen until the month AFTER you sign up (sign up in mid-May, the first auto-payment doesn't happen until the next billing cycle, in JULY).

Anyway, I gritted my teeth and went through the due date, and it did push the payment the next day and the new statement shows it correct.

Discover is really ridiculous in so many ways. I also wish they'd learn how to format a proper financial statement. I sure wouldn't use them intentionally, they just had a good zero-interest balance transfer a few years ago when I needed it.

  • Inu no Taisho - I used to have a Discover card, but thankfully, I've killed all the cards except one. I'm not responsible enough to have more than one. And even one is a stretch....:-D
  • John Ridley - I don't actually use the Discover card (and that really irritates them, they call me once a month or so to ask why and to try to push me to use it). They were offering 0% on balance transfers for 1 year, with a bunch of conditions. During that year, congress pushed through the reform act and that made most of their conditions illegal. When I called and asked them about it close to the end of the year, they just gave up and said "never mind, you know what, you're just on 0% on that balance as long as you make minimum payments. I had been trying to pay it off ASAP but with a deal like that I'd be stupid to pay more than minimum.

    I have one main credit card which gets paid off every month, two debit cards (for two checking accounts), and a Lowes card that I pay off every month. Normally I wouldn't use a store card but I spend a fair amount of money at Lowes, and it gives me 5% off at the register.