Black cat fight

Our black cat tangled with something and got bit on the left rear leg last Friday night. He was hard to get to come in that night, and slept all day Saturday and Sunday. The injury was not immediately obvious but I thought he looked shell-shocked when he came in and was walking gingerly over the weekend, and I found he had significant swelling on that leg. On Sunday I decided he'd better see the vet.
He was running a fever and the vet found bite marks and a point of infection. He got an antibiotic shot which seems to have made him happier but he's still VERY upset if I try to inspect the leg. He's normally very sweet to me but if I touch that leg I get bit and scratched (unless I hold him carefully) and howled at. He's still walking gingerly and doesn't want to jump.
Hoping everything closes up and heals properly.

  • Inu no Taisho - POOR KITTY! D-: (Nice to see you have a black fur-child too...) He'll probably be fine in time. Cats like to do the "fall back and regroup" thing when they get hurt. Let him hide and sleep all he wants.
  • John Ridley - That's mostly my plan, but I do want to keep an eye on him to some extent. I don't want him suffering because I didn't notice him getting worse and taking him in for an antibiotic booster. Also the vet said that if the infection comes to a head, to bring him in and we'll sedate him and lance the thing.
  • Inu no Taisho - Absolutely. Our previous male cat, Shadey, got a scratch on his butt in a scuffle with Ripley, and it got infected, though we didn't know about it until it was really huge and sore. I took him to the vet and they gave him a shot, but they didn't lance it, which surprised me. That night, the thing let go......all over the bed....


    He got better quickly after that.
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