Facebook stuff (G+ post)

I just went over to FB for the first time in weeks to see what it really is about it that bugs me, having found that I quite like it here. First I had to unfriend all the organizations that I've friended, and a few people too, to cut down the stupid amount of noise.
What it came down to eventually is that half the posts are shared links. Maybe more than that. It'd be great if there was some way on G+ to mute link posts. Honestly, if I want to surf random web links, I'll go to Reddit. On FB (or G+ eventually) they're just noise; either people already saw them a week ago or they probably don't care anyway.

  • Linda Larson - Absolutely. I use twitter to see all the links people are sharing -- I don't really want it on facebook/here, too.
  • Ann Totusek - I can't use Twitter without changing my browser, and I hate Safari. If I were an active Twitter user, I'd probably feel differently.
  • John Ridley - +Linda Larson yes, when I go to social media, I want to hear about what my friends are doing, but not so much if it's "surfing the web" and forwarding me half the stuff they look at.
    I think what might be interesting would be to have subchannels, where I could post stuff like that "neat stuff I've seen recently" but my main stream would be just the kind of stuff that I normally post. It's not that I am totally uninterested in things that friends think are interesting, but I'm far more interested in what they're doing than their weblink stream. Having to sort through the latter to get to the former is irritating.
  • nurse geri - You need to tell google this idea. I like it. Be heard.
  • John Ridley - I don't know where to make suggestions to them. Last time I did it was to report an obvious error with Google Calendar, I provided a clear statement of the problem and an online link to a definitive government site showing that they were wrong, it was something that would have taken 2 minutes to fix, and they never did anything about it, despite the fact that I posted it on their official feedback forum.
  • Michael Brian Bentley - I use the twitter app for managing my multiple twitter accounts. Much, much faster scanning than the awful browser interface.
  • John Ridley - +Michael Brian Bentley when I see a service that introduces nothing but noise and uselessness into my life, my response is not generally to find an app to make it do so more efficiently.
    EDIT: never mind, I just realized you were talking to Ann.