Candy economics (G+ post)

Candy bars at the store are half the price of the ones in the vending machine at work. That means if I bought them at the store, I twice as much chocolate. I'd like to think the end of that sentence would be "save money" but that ain't going to happen if I have a bunch of candy bars in my drawer.

B. Gabriel Helou - The per-pound price of Jelly Belly jelly beans at Costco is incredible, so I bought a container of them once. Only once.
  • Inu no Taisho - Dang, and here I was trying NOT to think about the chocolate varieties at Trader Joe's.....Urgh... Need me a chocolate hit....
  • Margaret Bumby - Yeah... I have these "6 serving" boxes of crackers that I keep finishing off as a snack. The one thing that helps me not eat quite so much chocolate is I will buy some and put it at someone else's desk. So I have to walk and face her to get some, and she-and-all-her-visitors-including-me don't eat it as fast as I would were it here.</ul>