Finally found a way to burn up that $50 Best Buy gift card. They have Logitech HD webcams for a reasonable price. Now I have to decide whether to get the 720p version for $59-$50 or the 1080p version for $99-$50. Hmm.
Then I can hang out in HiDef.

  • Linda Larson - Burn up a $50!?! You could have given it to me, I'd have had no problem!
  • John Ridley - I've had this gift card for a couple of months. Every time I've needed to buy something that Best Buy might have, I go to their website, and their prices are so high that I might as well be throwing the $50 away; their price is almost $50 higher than Amazon or Newegg. Plus then I have to drive to Best Buy (and go into the horrid place) rather than have the stuff just show up a couple of days later.

    For whatever reason, their prices aren't too bad on the Logitech cams. $99.99 (plus $6 tax) instead of $77 (plus nothing).

    But even so, that $50 off only saves me $21: $56 instead of $77. Subtract the $7 in gas to get there, and that $50 off is now worth $14. Subtract my time to drive down there and it's costing me probably $10 to $20 to use the card. Hopefully I will be able to think of a reason to be driving near there anyway.
  • John Ridley - If I decide to get the 720p version (very likely) then this works out well. There's only $5 difference between BB and online stores, so if I am going by BB in the next week or so I'll pick one up.
  • Inu no Taisho - I got one of the HiDef ones. I like it rather a lot. Got it turn on in Hang Out right now....