Audiobook finished

Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind, book 4 of Sword of Truth.

Pretty good, I liked it a bit less than book 3 probably. The torture didn't bother me so much but I'm glad I have the "speed up playback" feature on my MP3 player to get past the sex scenes. He does a good sex scene I suppose, and they're always important to the story but he does ramble on. OK, we need this scene for the story, but this ain't a regency romance, get on with it.

There were some moving parts in it though, for sure.

I do think this is a good place to take a break from the series though; nothing is hanging and things are pretty much OK, and I feel like I've had enough of this for now.

  • Jeffrey Haas - Perhaps that's the difference. When I was reading through the things it was "oh yes... another bdsm chapter".
  • John Ridley - I didn't see any BDSM. Sex, rape, torture, yes, but no BDSM that I noticed.
  • Jeffrey Haas - Dominance and submission and sadism and masochism in their training? If not, we have rather different views of reading the same material.
  • John Ridley - OK, in the training sure, but that was all in the first book and I didn't have a real problem with it since it's pretty integral to the story.
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