Gimme the good stuff

Gave up on the cheap internet experiment. 1M down 128K up is too painful. Taking 1.5 days to download a game (Portal 2), being so slow that even voice chat breaks up, having to stop one thing to finish another, having to run around the house and kick people off of other services to do something, all too much of a pain.

Back up the tier 2 from Charter, which is 12M down 1M up.

  • Michael Brian Bentley - I am able to run WoW on 1 Mbps down, with all the settings to low. Looking forward to faster connections and meatier machines.
  • John Ridley - The 128K up hurt more than the 1M down, really. I'd have been OK with 2M down 1M up. But I'll take the 12M down. This is the speed we had a month ago. Interestingly, when I dropped it down and then bumped it back up again they put us on a promo rate, which is $25/month off for 6 months. So maybe it's worth doing once in a while, since they have no limitation on how often I can change my speed up and down.
  • Marinna Martini - We have the slowest comcast and it's ok.
  • John Ridley - The outbound connection speed is the real problem. I upload stuff to my hosting company to maintain websites, and also doing video chats (hangouts) here was pretty much impossible with that connection speed.