Weight loss

Earlier this year I decided to drop a little weight since I was just over the BMI line for my height, and I agreed that I was definitely heavier than I would like to be at 192 pounds (5' 11" high). I decided that 170 was a good target weight, so I shot for 165 or below so that when the inevitable rebound happened I'd wind up on target. I just switched to diet soda and went to work with 1/2 serving lunches and no money to buy more, then ate whatever I wanted in the evening (after riding to work and back) and hit 162 within about 2 months. I decided I should stop for a while to make sure I wasn't causing any harm. I've been plateaued for the most part for the last 7 weeks, and am now around 170 though I haven't been paying that much attention.

I think I'm going to resume and shoot for 155, and see what I feel like when I get there. It's probably a decent target since it's pretty much in the middle of the BMI for my height, and I do not have an unusual build IMO.

  • B. Gabriel Helou - I have issues with BMI. Yes, I'm overweight. I'm not, however, morbidly obese. Since BMI treats fat and muscle the same, I'd have to let a lot of muscle atrophy to reach the high end of "normal" -- I'd have to lose 100 pounds. Feh.

    On the drink front, diet soda appears to have weight gain issues separate from sugar consumption. (I don't recall the details offhand.) I cut way back on my consumption and mostly have iced tea or water these days. I think this is helping.
  • John Ridley - Yes, I know that BMI doesn't work for some people. However, I think it's pretty valid for me; I'm not overly muscular by any means. If I were, I'd get a body fat scale and adjust my goals to take that factor into account.

    The switch to diet soda had a HUGE impact apart from the direct calories (which weren't inconsequential - something like 1000 cal/day). The HFCS caused my blood sugar to roller-coaster, and when it crashed, I was not really rational; I would grab any food I could find and eat more than I needed, regardless of what goals I had set. It completely destroyed my will power when it came to not eating.

    Once I lost the HFCS, I had no problem just saying "I'm hungry, but I'm not going to eat right now." Once this bridge was crossed, it wasn't a big deal to lose weight. It helps to have a goal and some motivation as well, though I didn't have any particular motivation, so I just made something up.
  • Margaret Bumby - One of the problems I recall with artificial sweeteners in general is that at least some of them trick the body into thinking it's gotten sugar, so it responds by releasing what it would need to break down sugar...
  • John Ridley - I was a little leery of switching to a diet soda, I've always assumed that they're akin to drinking a chemistry set, but the ingredients list on diet Mt Dew reads pretty cleanly. It's got aspertame in it, apart from that it's basically water and some juice extracts. In fact it seems to be more natural products than normal Mt Dew is (if you assume that both HFCS and aspertame are equally unnatural).

    It doesn't seem to bother my system at all. I do use it as a bit of a crutch, if I get a craving for sweets (as I do, often), I can sate it with this stuff without actually consuming any calories.

    I would just quit but I've done that before and it turns out that I need to have caffeine in order to focus properly and do my job. I once went 2 months with no soda (or caffeine) and simply could not re-acclimate and get my job done properly. Soda is the only method of getting caffeine that I can stomach - I have never been able to drink anything made from dead leaves or roasted beans without wanting to heave. I suppose I could just crush up a No-Doz into some water and get the dosage correct, and I may go that way someday.
  • Jeffrey Haas - I'm nowhere near as good about avoiding HFCS as I should be. There will be months where I don't touch any such sweetened drinks and others where it's several cans a week.

    For the times where I am being a bit better, I've found the "True Lemon" and "True Lime" products good to go with the water carbonator that we have. No, they don't have "True Blood"...