Nice monitor

Hm. This 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor that I bought from Newegg for $110 is actually pretty nice. That means I'll probably get another one for work.

Or alternatively, take one of my existing 1680x1050 monitors to work and drop to single monitor on both home machines. Dual monitor is really nice when working from home though. If I do keep dual monitors, they're moving downstairs so that I can do my several-times-yearly 5AM marathon system monitoring sessions, or my "in to work by 5AM" work from home sessions without hogging the bedroom.

  • Clark Wierda - That approaching a DPI I find reasonable. I'd still like that something 19" or smaller, like I can get in a laptop.
  • John Ridley - +Clark Wierda yeah, but I think this is as good as you can do, and you can't argue with the price. I can't make my own LCD monitors out of mud and sticks, and you can't buy what they don't make. This is a decent compromise. I almost want to buy a few of them and pile them in the basement in case the pendulum swings towards something idiotic like 30" 1600 x 900 monitors or something.