Calvin vs bike

Procrastination bites me

My bike comp display has been getting progressively dimmer for a few weeks, so I threw a new battery in my bag on the way out the door yesterday, but forgot to put it in while at work. I went to do it today and the comp had died; I couldn't get the odometer reading off it before changing the battery (it loses memory instantly when the battery is removed).
I did just look at the mileage two days ago though so I have a pretty good guess where it's at. I set it at 24880

  • Bob Wittig - See, this is a use for twitter--your comp sends a twitter just before it goes into sleep mode--so its twitter feed always has your stats from your last ride. Should only add about $100 to to price of the comp!
  • John Ridley - ...and $50/month for the service. Seriously, there are people who mount $500 and even more expensive comps on their bikes, with bluetooth data links, heart rate monitors and GPS.
  • Bob Wittig - OK, it only needs bluetooth so it can send the tweet from your phone, since everyone already has a phone for tweeting, right? (What? no twitter? how will we know what you had for lunch?)
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