Anybody want to buy an Android tablet cheap?

I bought a HeroTab C8 a couple of months ago, and after playing with it for a couple of weeks I came to the conclusion that the only real use I have for a portable device is as an ebook reader, and for that I'd rather have a dedicated eInk device, so I bought a Nook Touch.
The thing is a 7" tablet, specs are online or you can email me. I paid about $230 for it shipped, I'll sell it for $150. It has no issues, I just find I don't really have any desire for mobile connectivity. I'll be putting it on ebay in a few days if nobody here wants it.

  • B. Gabriel Helou - I think my spouse is interested.
  • B. Gabriel Helou - "Yes, I am interested. Are you going to be at Makers Faire today or tomorrow?" -- The Spouse
  • John Ridley - I'll be there tomorrow. I'll email you my cell number and bring it along.