Hidden allergens

A friend who is very allergic to gluten has been going downhill health-wise for about 6 months, and has now been off work for 3 weeks straight taking all kinds of medical tests. She was so bad that there have been times when she was too weak to get out of bed for multiple days in a row. She pulled her diaphragm from several hours of continuous vomiting last week.

Today she found out that Nestle just announced "hey, we said Carnation Instant Breakfast was gluten-free, but we were wrong" In fact they were wrong at least twice; at least two ingredients in there contain gluten. She's been drinking two of them a day for months now.

Hopefully she'll get better now. This is pretty lousy of Nestle or whoever down the line messed this up. It cost her months of time and thousands of dollars of income and probably many times that in medical tests.

  • Margaret Bumby - Sucks! But glad they mentioned it and she found out! Hopefully in time to do her good.