HP calculators

I just found out that HP is going to make a limited run of HP15C calculators.
I've been bummed for the last 15 years since I lost mine on a move. I'm going to get one if at all possible. Street price should be < $100, sometime around October.
I assume they'll do a slight redesign ala the HP12C platinum, but that's OK, that was a good update. Lighter and lithium CR2032 cells instead of LR44 cells, and still the same feel.

  • Linda Larson - You mean 16C? I'd like to get one, too.
  • John Ridley - Heck no, I have no use for a 16C. 15C is the scientific version, not the comp sci version. I really have almost no use for a computer calculator, the 2 or 3 times a year I use one, the $15 TI or the $5 generic from wal-mart work just fine.
  • Linda Larson - Ah. I still have the 15C I bought in high school. Still wishing I'd gotten the 16C instead. They were side by side at the store, and I thought at the time, "Meh, this one'll be good enough."
  • John Ridley - If I had a 16C I'd be happy to trade you. The 16C had almost nothing that would ever have been useful to me. The 15C rocked.
  • Marinna Martini - Drool...
  • John Ridley - +Marinna Martini I'll be sure to let you know immediately when I find out they're available. I have a feeling they may go really fast. says that petition signers have already stated that they'll buy something like 83,000 units. I'm going to keep an eye on and a few other places to see if they get preorders up.
  • John Ridley - An actual photo on an HP Japan site:
    Apparently this unit will be running a low power ARM processor and will be in emulation mode using the original microcode, should last as long or longer on batteries, and they say it will run up to 60x faster than the original calc.
  • John Ridley - Ooh, one rumor site says it's a limited edition of only 10,000 units. Those might go REALLY fast.