My android tablet is gone

My android tablet is gone, sold to Audrey. Hope she really enjoys it. I found it an interesting toy but I find that personally I don't have a lot of need to be online away from a computer. I'm sure this simply goes to show how hopelessly antique I am in this regard.

I took the money and turned the majority of it into Maker Faire admittance and a nice new hat.

  • +1 by Inu no Taisho
  • Michael Wayne - I have found my tablet to be a significant assistant. I tend to have it around and reach for it to check stuff online where I would not bother walking upstairs to my desktop. Also, I've made a lot of recipes available on it so I use it in the kitchen as well.
  • John Ridley - I would never want to carry a tablet around with me. A phone sized thing sure, 6" ebook screen is really too big to carry always, so I'd have to walk past the computer to find the tablet then wait for it to start up.