Awesomely fast 3D printer

Wow, new entry on the hobbyist 3D printer market, the Ultimaker. It's a clever design variant, it could be based on the RepRap for all I know. Basically they've moved all the motors including the extruder motor off of the moving head to lighten up the moving mass, and that's allowed them to make the thing super fast.

I can totally see building one of these some day, but not as a first printer. All you need to know about to build one given RepRap knowledge is in the video.

But then again, I doubt I will ever actually need that much speed so probably not.

  • +1 by Todd Johnson
  • Chad Childers - Were you at Maker Faire? There were at least four vendors there, including a Detroit-based rev of the RepRap.
  • John Ridley - +Chad Childers Yes, it was the 3D printing tent. I got everything I wanted out of that tent; I confirmed my belief that output quality is very much dependent on build quality of the printer. I also confirmed that I probably want to buy a Prusa from Their Mosaic is pretty nice but I can't see spending an extra $175 for less capability even though it's a nicer looking printer. I was also completely cured of any desire to get a MakerBot.