No Musecon for me

I didn't prereg for Musecon since it would be ridiculous for me to think that I'd have a free weekend in August, and now that it's upon me, I realize that's always going to be true. As long as Musecon is first weekend in August, there's absolutely no way I'll ever make it. There are TWO events that weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, that I pretty much have to make (and really enjoy them both), and they've both been running on those dates for at least 50 years. So I guess the answer to "are you going to Musecon" for me is probably always going to be "no." It's too bad because Duck to Windy is a long stretch, and my enthusiasm for the Houghton Berzerker isn't really great these days either.

  • dermot dobson - Yes, if it was the last weekend in July I;d be likely to make it on the way back from Berserker - on that front, I hope you make it next year, I'm planning a bit of a celebration for my 60th...
  • John Ridley - That will definitely weigh in its favour.