Broke the lawn mower

Feh. Got home from family reunion, mowed about 1/4 of the west lawn and broke an axle. It'll probably be the end of the week before I can get parts and the lawn really needs mowing.. Seriously thinking about just welding it but it broke in a bad place. Still, can't hurt to try I guess.

(edit) Nope, no dice. There's just no way to weld it in a way that will hold.

At least Tom got to see some creativity here; the axle broke and left the mower stranded in the bottom of the ditch, so I got a hand truck, wedged it under the front axle and levered the thing up, then Tom got on, started and drove slowly while I held the hand truck and steered the thing back to the garage.

  • John Ridley - Part ordered. Maybe I'll ask the neighbor to borrow his mower this week.