More Google Docs

While digging through the box of owner's manuals last night looking for the one for the mower, I decided that I'm going to scan them to PDF and put them in Google Docs. It always takes me 15 minutes to find a manual when I need it, and half the time when I need one I'm not at home (like when I wanted to order that part this morning while at work).

I've started using Google Docs a lot. Having the ability to upload any kind of document there is very nice.

  • Jeffrey Haas - Probably redundant to say this, but check online for PDFs first. Manufacturers have finally figured out that their website isn't meant to be just a contact-me page.
  • John Ridley - I actually got the PDF for the parts manual online (they don't give you one with the mower), but it was a significant pain in the rear to find it, and once I know I have the correct one I want to save off a copy. There are dozens of similar mowers made by MTD and they change every few years, so you have to be careful when ordering parts.

    I will be scanning my own manuals in many cases because at least in this case, the manual that they scanned for this older mower was kind of marked up with pencil marks and the scan was lousy; crooked pages and dogears.