An actual usable book at a book swap

Every few months at work they have a book/media swap. In general I ignore it because I'm not really interested in getting more paper into my house, and also because 90% of what hits it is just on the way to the recycling bin; 20 year old GRE study guides and Programming Windows 95 books.

However, today I happened to see a pretty good looking physics study guide; it's 600 pages of physics problems and (some) solutions. I probably won't get very far before I have to go back and work on calculus, but I really, really need to do that anyway. I never did very well on calculus and it's always bothered me; conceptually I can see what they're doing and that it's important, I was just never any good at memorizing the common integrals and such. I have a few TTC video lecture series on calculus that I should start doing at lunchtime.

  • Mike Bakula - Are those TTC lectures on calculus online?
  • John Ridley - Not officially, but there are places to get them...