PayPal confusion

Even though when I make a PayPal payment and exceed the balance, it comes from my Ally account, for some reason they keep a SEPARATE rollover account for the debit card, and it was still set to the DFCU account. So a small DigiKey payment and a tank of gas for the van went where I didn't want it, and they won't let me change the account until these payments clear.

I called them and griped about the unnecessary, confusing and seemingly arbitrary separation of the two backups based solely on payment type, but in the end there's not a lot I can do about it other than wait a few days and then change it.

I decided to start using it again since I was using my Amazon Visa card anyway, which pays 1% back but in reward points that I then have to cash in. The PayPal costs the same for the merchant, pays the same 1% but I get it in cash in my account monthly.