Mozzie attack

I was out weeding in the garden this evening, and for fun grabbed one of the tennis racquet bug zappers. I weeded for about 10 minutes one handed while just pretty much holding the zapper in front of me, not particularly waving it or anything.

It killed at least 100 mosquitoes, and probably didn't make much of a dent.

FWIW, this is not a localized phenomenon. I ate at least 5 skeeters riding in to work this morning and got pelted by dozens more.

  • Rodford Smith - You need more bats.
  • John Ridley - Yeah, we have one or two that come in from the woods, but that's about it. I have to go right to the edge of the property to hear any, then it's usually only one, never more than two.
  • Paul Lawniczak - It has been wet and hot this year. There was a week or so where it dried out and the things that eat the blood suckers started to win, then it rained again. It's gotten so bad we don't go out much.
  • dermot dobson - With a KiloWatt-hour of batteries on board, I guess I could fit a huge bug-zapper to my bike and clean up a swathe of insects on my my way to/from work.But then we don't have any particularly stinging/biting bugs in this part of the world, apart from wasps, so not really that valuable...
  • Michael Wayne - We picked up a $70 bug zappper (BK-80D) that made a HUGE difference in skeeter population. Highly recommended, just remember to use a timer and keep it 25 feet from where you plan to be active.
  • John Ridley - Why the 25 feet? Just the smell? I was once near a bug zapper when a wasp got in there. BIG cloud of nasty smell.
    Ah, I see in the reviews that it will always have a big swarm around it, so you don't want to be near it.
  • Michael Wayne - Exactly. and yes, the bugs congregate there. Only issue is that now and then the grid needs to be cleaned.
  • John Ridley - +Michael Wayne Thanks, ordered that bug zapper this evening. Sure wish I had it right now. 5 minutes outside = 20 mosquito bites. Amazon super saver = maybe next weekend.
  • John Ridley - +Michael Wayne Do you use the attractant chemical packs in your Flowtron? I've read reviews saying it's not necessary, and others that say it's absolutely necessary.
  • Michael Wayne - We don't use it. If you decide you need it, consider the inexpensive generic places rather than flowtron.
  • John Ridley - I was looking around and I didn't see any significantly cheaper than Flowtron. In fact some are using Flowtron octenol as the generic for other brands.
    I figure if I need a chemical mosquito attractant I can just toss one of my sweaty bike jerseys under the thing. I might actually try that and see if it does anything.