Interesting/odd. I was just using Bicycling Magazine's calorie calculator out of curiosity, and they claim that 14-16 MPH cycling is "vigorous effort" and 16-20 MPH is "racing." I max at > 25 (up over 30 at times) and average 16.8 over my whole commute (dropped down significantly by hills and gravel road) and I don't feel like I'm even riding aggressively, I ride so that I'm just pushing enough to sweat.

  • Angela Karash - Thanks John. I was finally beginning to think I was getting somewhere by being able to average 15 mph. The only time I've gotten over 25mph is down a steep hill with a good start from the flat part above the hill.
  • John Ridley - Averaging 15 MPH is better than most casual bicyclists ever achieve; it's surprisingly hard to pull an average up. Bicycling magazine apparently rates that as a vigorous effort. I can't maintain 25 MPH for long and at least a downhill slope is usually involved. A few years ago there was a stretch of about 1/4 mile that I couldn't really avoid where there was road construction and barrels keeping it down to a single narrow lane and a 25 MPH speed limit. That was on the level and I did manage to maintain just over 25 MPH through it to keep from backing up a ton of cars behind me, but it was definitely about all I had to do that.
  • John Ridley - Ange, I checked this morning and on my shortest (but most difficult/hilly/miles of gravel road) route, I do only average 15.3 MPH. The 16.8 is if I take the long route which is much more level and 100% paved. The short route is still 10 minutes faster, but the long route is more fun and probably less wear and tear on the bike.