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Dylan Ratigan: the entire political, investment and banking system is corrupt and is destroying the country. Both parties were complicit in building this system over the last 20 years. Congress is owned and entirely corrupt. The democrats only put on band-aids to get through the next election and the republicans want to burn the place down.

As an aside, the page linked to here is the first major page I've seen with a Google "+1" button on it.
Dylan Ratigan, Mad as Hell: His Epic “Network” Moment

  • Angela Karash - Although I adore Keith Olbermann (who is no longer on MSNBC) Ratigan's rant was way more sincere than anything Keithey ever came up with as it was unscripted. As powerful as it was, it won't change a damn thing.
  • John Ridley - Unfortunately, I haven't seen a single person, even among those most moved by this speech and who utterly agree with it, that thinks for a millisecond that anything will change. It's sad to realize that people (including myself) believe that their country is badly broken in many ways and that there's nothing they or anyone else can or will do about it.