Camera fail

It figures. I had a doe and her two fawns just sauntering down the road in front of me after I turned a corner on the way home this evening. They just walked along for probably 30 seconds as I slowly gained on them (having slowed way down) until the rear fawn turned and looked at me. I said "well, go on, get outta here" and they all just turned and looked at me. I gave them a tiny air horn toot and they decided to exit into the corn field. Then a few seconds later they decided to go to the corn field on the other side, the doe bounding beautifully up the embankment, the fawns following, as I held back the car that had rounded the corner behind me until they were clear.

The battery on my helmet cam died about 2 minutes before this. feh. Really anxious to get my savings built back up again so I can get a HD cam with bigger battery.

  • Rodford Smith - A couple of weeks ago I saw a young doe in broad daylight, eating apples fallen from one of my trees. They were still quite green, but she really wanted those apples! I went inside and got my camera. She was still there and I got some good shots. In one of them she's looking at me with an apple in her mouth. :-)
  • Michael Brian Bentley - I had a doe and fawn encounter yesterday evening immediately after pulling out of the driveway. Absolutely can't drive very fast around here, never know what critter will crop up.