A WHAT of turkeys?

I saw a rafter of turkeys this morning on the ride in (yes, I had to look up what a group of turkeys was called) - hen and 5 poults. Got them on camera but this camera is lousy in low light; I could see them clearly and easily, and got within 10 feet of them, but all that's on camera is some dark blobs.

  • Mary Cruickshank-Peed - I have a picture of a moose on my palm pilot like that. It was standing a ways away in a pond, eating, and it looks like a fuzzy blob, but I know it's a moose :)
  • John Ridley - I've been thinking about getting a $40 720p HD camera to replace my helmet cam. That model does a lot better in low light and will take external power so it won't die after 50 minutes like the current one does. But then when I have stuff like wildlife that I wish I had a good picture of, I think maybe I'd like to have a $300 GoPro HD. Then I realize I'd rather have the $300, or something more productive. I actually carry a decent camera with me but it's not possible to get it out, turned on and use it before this stuff goes away.
  • Todd Johnson - I haven't finished my coffee yet and have already learned something today. A rafter of turkeys. Rafter? Well OK.

    I would have gone with "A platter of turkeys" myself.
  • Todd Johnson - Mary, where did you see the moose?
  • John Ridley - Todd, I was wondering about the provenance of "rafter" - is it because turkeys like to go to elevated places to roost for the night and so one might go into one's barn in the morning and have a bunch of turkeys in the rafters, or because after a successful hunt you might have a bunch of turkeys hanging from your rafter?
  • Todd Johnson - Some collective nouns make immediate sense, while others seem somewhat inexplicable to me. Both your guesses sound plausible in this case.
  • Mary Cruickshank-Peed - Todd -- Down between Covington and Crystal Falls in a swampy area off to the Eastish...
  • dermot dobson - John - could you use the cheapest, smallest Canon with the tweaked firmware loaded and fit it to your helmet with external power and a USB box that fakes up the control signals for a range of pre-set functions?
  • John Ridley - I could but even the smallest Canon camera is bigger than I want to put on my helmet. A GoPro is even kind of big, though it would have the advantage of being waterproof, which is a problem with the other cameras.
    Some people have used Canons in AVI recording mode and they do pretty well.
    Another advantage of the camera that I'm using now which has benefited some folks is that it's pretty much impossible to know that it's there. People who wind up getting assaulted while riding have sometimes had their cameras stolen to remove evidence. People with these tiny little keychain cameras don't have that problem.

  • dermot dobson - How about one of these:

    the video quality looks quite good in the demo, but I'd need prescription lenses.
  • John Ridley - +dermot dobson I wear prescription glasses, so those wouldn't fly. Also they're 640x480, and I'm betting they're no better than what I already have which is the same resolution. I can read plate numbers on their demo on stationary cars but the numbers on those plates are significantly larger than they are on Michigan plates, and also the passing speed is much lower. I suspect that until I'm ready to buy a GoPro or equivalent I'll just keep using the $10 camera I have.