More Dylan Ratigan goodness

Three short 4 to 6 minute clips worth watching. Straight facts, what needs to happen.
Jobs Wanted: A Special Report on Trade, Taxes and Banking

  • Moshe Yudkowsky - Can't watch these right now, but given his web page, I'm not confident he has a clue.
  • John Ridley - Thank you for that informed commentary.
  • Moshe Yudkowsky - I was trying to be polite... His web page, which contains written versions of his "rant," seems to be completely unaware of how politics works -- how the US political system revolves differences that reflect real divisions in approaches to modern society. Dismissing these problems as artificial constructs of Washington is naive at best, and at worse it's a call for mob rule.
  • John Ridley - It would be nice if we at least stopped making laws to make it more profitable to invest funds offshore than domestically though, since that's exactly what all the politicians say we need to do. I do also think that it makes sense that as long as we have a net outflow of a hell of a lot of money, anything we do to create jobs and stability is just short-term band-aids on a major wound.
  • Michael Wayne - His trade comments are vastly simplified, disregarding the secondary effects. The average American uses a considerable amount of product that comes from China.Moving that production to the US would have a major negative impact on quality of life, especially for lower income families.It would also put a lot of people out of work.
    His initial tax comments are spot on: if we reduce taxes it will increase jobs. He completely ignores the entire impact of regulation and the associated automation. Again, he vastly simplifies and ignores the reason why things are the way they are.
    His banking comments again simplify things too far. Yes, domestic lending is not as profitable as trading. With the current housing and business market, domestic lending carries high risk, meaning that no bank wants to lend to these markets. He completely fails to address the "root cause", to use his own words.

    All in all it sounds like he's trying to sell ratings much more than actually fix the problems
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  • John Ridley - I appreciate the comments. Yes, clearly what he says is incredibly simplified, but he does address issues that need to be tackled in some way. I know little about the situation but it takes little knowledge to know that things are pretty screwed up now and it's been getting this way for many years.
  • Moshe Yudkowsky - Ah, just saw something relevant: "listen to constituents" is an Obama talking point, as in What Obama doesn't realize is the constituents don't agree with him, which is why his budget was rejected by the Senate 97-0.

    "Listen to the people" is all fine and good, but everyone lives in an echo chamber. The House debates over the debt ceiling reflect real divisions, not posturing.