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Rain ride

I got a chance to ride in a thunderstorm this morning. The rain was actually pretty light and there was no wind, but the lightning and thunder was good. It's been a while.

  • dermot dobson - Heavy rain today and we have thundershowers forecast, apparently.

    I have my wet weather gear in my backpack and I too look forward to a little bit more exposure to nature like that...
  • John Ridley - It was over 60*F here, so my "wet weather gear" is putting my MP3 player into the waterproof pannier. Unless it's in the 50s or below, I just prefer to get wet. If I wear my rain gear, I'll get wet anyway, just with sweat, and that's worse than wet with rain.
  • Chad Childers - Wet weather gear should include knee and elbow pads - one time I hit a slippery patch that slid my wheel right into a crack in the pavement. Fenders would be nice, too.
  • John Ridley - I ride very conservatively anyway so I'm not very concerned about dropping. The primary danger in wet weather is going over metal surfaces like train tracks, manhole covers and drains; wet metal is like ice. Metal surfaces should always be crossed directly and if possible at right angles, with no turning.
    Fenders are just standard equipment IMO. As they say on BikeForums: "You need fenders. Because that's probably not water." Without fenders, whatever's on the road could end up in your mouth/eyes. Oil from cars, bodily fluids from whoever was having a bad night last night, slowly liquifying roadkill, etc, all getting washed into the tire track canal by rain and mixed. I would only consider having a regular commuter bike without fenders if it was a secondary "nice summer day only" bike.