Awesome blood test results

Yay for being on the bike (and for losing 20+ pounds). After the worst blood test I'd ever had back in February (which admittedly wasn't bad in general, but did show a worrying trend), which was in the middle of several months of not riding, my blood tests this week are vastly improved. Total cholesterol went from 210 to 169 (target < 200), HDL went from 57 to 66 (target > 40), LDL went from 136 to 87 (target < 130), triglycerides went from 133 to 82 (target < 150). Everything else in the black.

My blood pressure is between "OK" and "pretty good" without meds on days when I'm riding, and OK with meds on other days.

The insurance company has given me hassles in the past because apparently they think that BP meds are ALWAYS taken on a completely regular basis, but my doctor has me self-regulating and taking as needed. He said if they give me any trouble in the future he can just give me a new prescription and I can take it to Target, where a 90 day supply is $10 out of pocket. Since I'm paying $6 copay for a 30 day supply now, sounds good to me. I'll probably ask to do that next time.

  • dermot dobson - Good news, and a big well done!!!

    Feb is likely to be the worst month for me too - not that much exercise in winter, with the excesses of Windycon, Florida, Christmas and Capricon.... My last total cholesterol was 4.0 (in UK units, converts to around 155 in US) and BP at the weekend was 121/65 with resting heart rate of 58. Always worse when I've not been exercising regularly though. We are both evidently in the lucky group of people who can easily control BP and cholesterol by exercise (and some dietary input too) but there are many not so fortunate...