New printer, new problem

The new Brother printer (MFC-8890DW) that we got for the church came in today. Good news first, it's a very nice printer and I think it's going to work well, be cheap to operate and last us a long time. Ethernet, wireless, duplex printing and duplex scanning, 30ppm, dirt cheap aftermarket supplies.

Bad news: Supply problems due to the Japan earthquake means that they were missing a connector that supplies signal to the optional paper tray, so the 2nd tray doesn't work. They have a small quantity of the connector and are going to fix it for free at an authorized service center, but they say I'm going to have to get it there.

I'm not real inclined to do so; I didn't pay for most of a printer, I paid for a whole printer. I'm going to see what they have to say about it, then see if they'll pay shipping or something. I'm trying not to borrow trouble, it's possible they'll be good to me.

I'm not actually all that upset, it's a sensible decision since probably a small percentage of these printers ever have the 2nd paper tray added, and it makes sense to continue shipping a popular printer without the connector.