The oracle of the age

I am constantly amazed at the contents of YouTube. In alongside goofy cat videos and "idiots trying to park" is a seemingly unending stream of how-to videos. It's a wonderful resource. Whether you want to learn how to change the timing belt on your car, build a 3D printer, learn to juggle or find out about how different electoral systems work, there are videos there for you.

  • Michael Brian Bentley - Note that Sony just posted The Godfather Part I in its entirety on YouTube.
  • Marinna Martini - There you go, goofy cat vid for you.
  • Marinna Martini - Well, for the guys, there's how to change a tire with Tara...
  • Kim Tangalan - A few years ago I tried a couple of the "how to pick a lock" vids. They didn't work for me.
  • John Ridley - Lock picking isn't something you can just look at a video and know how to do any more than you can watch a video of someone playing an instrument and then know how to do it. It requires dozens of hours of practice.