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Lab bench supply from an ATX power supply. Very good video at this site, with a surprisingly decent build (so many electronics build videos these days are total hatchet jobs).
I really need to do this, blinkies I can run from a USB port or a battery but when I start messing with motors I'm going to need some real power.
Converting ATX Power Supply to Lab Bench Power Supply » Jumper One

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  • Todd Johnson - This sounds like a handy resource.
  • dermot dobson - Interesting. There have been articles in ham radio and electronic hobbyist mags about this, but this vid looks to be far more informative - thanks! I was thinking of doing this to make a charger for my bike (ideally, I need a few hundred watts) but hadn't quite plucked up the courage to stick my fingers in among the 400VDC in an AT supply.

    I do have a good stock of old Dell DA-2 external desktop PSUs if you want one - they provide 12V at 18A. The DA-2 is a plastic box about half the thickness of a house brick. Can bring across to Windy if you wish.
  • John Ridley - Yeah, I could use such a power supply. I think it's likely that I'll be building either a 2nd 3D printer or some other kind of CNC router type device, and it'll almost certainly be built around RepRap RAMPS/Pololu drivers which are all 12 volts.

    The linked tutorial doesn't do anything with the guts of the supply, it just shows how to hot-wire it to reliably supply the voltages that it was made to put out originally.
  • John Ridley - Here's the RepRap page on using an ATX power supply to drive a RepRap. It has pretty much the same info.