Hobbing along

I managed to produce a respectable hobbed bolt for an extruder today. I used the dremel jig I found on thingiverse, that result was neat looking but not sharp enough to drive filament. Then I ran over it with a thread cutting tap in the drill press with the bolt in a hobbing jig I printed a couple of days ago and that sharpened it up.

I assembled it into the printed extruder and it REALLY grabs the filament. I want to try it but I have no stepper motor to mount on it.

I spent probably 90 minutes trying to rewire one of the unipolar steppers that I have into bipolar. I got it to spin when running in bipolar mode but it has no torque. I guess I need to give up and buy some steppers. There's a guy selling lots of used ones for pretty cheap on ebay, I guess I'll get some of those since the alternative is $20 each from Robot Shop.