Glass print bed

Glass print bed completed and is working GREAT. Also downloaded, configured, compiled and installed the experimental Marlin firmware for the printer; it does look-ahead and intelligent acceleration - very smooth. This is the first print using that firmware and also the first print from the SD card.

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  • Bob Wittig - I know I am a geek when 1. I watched the whole video and 2. I want one!

    So when are you going to do a SEMGS RepRap build so we can all build them with "experienced" guidance? Hmmm, who do we know who we could buy printed parts for one...
  • John Ridley - I'm actually printing parts now and have bought a few bits off ebay so that I can build one from scratch and will be able to help anyone who wants to build one. Some of the parts are way cheaper in quantity; I got 50 bearings for $25 for instance. You need 6 to build a machine. The machine I got is not a standard Prusa, though it's close. MakerGear has some improvements. I actually want to build a completely stock machine.

    I also am considering having a run of the heated print bed circuit boards made, because I can have 50 of them fabbed in China for about $575, and they're going for $50 each to buy them. I figure I can get them for $11 each and sell them for $25, save off a half dozen of them for my friends and use the income to build a couple more machines - built and calibrated running machines can be built for $500 and sold for $1200, and once you have one built and calibrated, it's fairly trivial to make more copies.
  • Bob Trembley - Well, I think it's a given that I/we want one... I just have to get the funds together. Start a BobT bag, and put some bearings in it :)
  • John Ridley - will do. I'm working on learning how to make an extruder right now, since the MakerGear extruder by itself is the most expensive bit of their kit. It is a highly praised extruder, it seemingly never fails, but the one I'm building is pretty well regarded as well. The big problem now is the best method to put the spurs on the bolt that catch the filament and drive it along. There are 3 methods, I'm going to try them all and see which one seems best for me.
  • John Ridley - Bob, to replicate my machine by shopping around for parts, I just put together a list and it's somewhere around $620 all told. That's with a printed extruder.
    With a MakerGear extruder, add $150 or so. That puts the price at $770.
    The MakerGear kit costs $825 and $25 shipping. Really not a bad price.
    There are places to save some money, it just depends on how much work you want to do in lieu of spending money (or just to have the fun of making stuff yourself). People claim they can put together machines for $450, but there are things lacking - no heated print bed (you CAN put one together from resistors and an aluminum plate for maybe $12, it's better than none at all but not as good as the $50 one). Using printed bushings instead of linear rod, using drill rod instead of linear rod.
    The nice thing is that you can build the cheap one then replace the stuff that doesn't work out without significant hassle.