What's that smell?

Protip: do not test high current output with probes plugged into the 10A setting.
(no serious harm, just burned a trace on the back of the board. Fixed in 2 minutes)

  • Todd Johnson - I fried a nice Fluke DVM that way once. :-(
  • John Ridley - Apparently the really good Flukes (like the 87) are not (or no longer) susceptible to that. Dave Jones (EEVBLOG) likes to dump his meters across 240v mains to test that.
  • John Ridley - Todd, I suspect your idea of high current and mine are different here. I've got a 5 amp, 12 volt source connected to a terminal block and burning a 1mm trace on a board. I don't think this could possibly blow a fluke meter. It didn't phase my $30, 25 year old Radio Shack meter. You work with voltages and currents that make this seem like a watch battery.