Impossible to level

I spent about 2 hours last night trying to get my heated print bed to lay flat. I never succeeded; ONE corner was out by about 2mm. Per advice on the IRC channel, I'm going to be switching to a glass print bed over the heater board tonight. Glass should stay flat, and I will move the thermistor to under the print bed more towards the center so that should be more accurate as well, and hold the glass with clips around the edge so I won't have the irritating limitations at the corners of my print area that I do now.

I really need that new power supply; when I tried printing something last night, about 2/3 through the print the heated bed had cooled down to about 56 degrees and the part came loose from the bed. The bed is ideally supposed to stay up around 110 degrees where the ABS sticks like glue to the kapton tape.

  • dermot dobson - Hope that fixes it - must be irritating to be so near... Have you seen this project?
  • John Ridley - The power supply that's coming is the big thing. Right now I can't maintain temperature, in fact I can't even reach proper temperature unless I put an insulator over the print bed, and once I start printing and have a cooling fan blowing on the print area, the temp drops fast and the print fails. Right now at 12 volts it takes 20 minutes with an insulator to reach 110 degrees. People have said that with the 24v supply that I have coming, they can reach it in open air in 1 minute.