Nice webcam

I was at Costco yesterday, and noticed that they have a Logitech C910 webcam for $49.99. This is a very nice webcam, probably the best you can get, for really cheap (it lists for $99 and I hadn't seen it for < $80 elsewhere). Cheaper, in fact than the C525 that I actually bought a month or so ago. If anyone is looking for a good webcam, this is it. The C525 is almost exactly the same thing but the C910 is 1080p instead of 720p, and stereo mic instead of mono. I was surprised at how well my C525 works for Google Hangout - I can wander around the room and just talk normally and people can hear me just fine, and the video quality in low light is very good.

  • Mike Garrahan - Does it play well with Linux?
  • John Ridley - +Mike Garrahan I believe so. Check reviews at Newegg. Obviously the software features won't work but those are just toys anyway. It has goofy stuff like a filter that puts an arrow through your head (which tracks and turns with your head), or avatars so that you can have a dinosaur head that moves, turns, talks and blinks like a puppet controlled by your image. But as far as basic functionality I believe I read that it works well.

    (I don't have any Linux on the desktop at home. Or at work for that matter).