Power supply insufficient

I did some heated print bed (HPB) testing on the RepRap today. First to make sure that my thermistors were accurate, there was some uncertainty. Using an instant read meat thermometer on top of the HPB under a layer of newsprint, they're pretty good; spot on at room temp (19*), spot on at PLA printing temp (60*) and only about 3 degrees out at ABS printing temp (110*).

Then the guys on the IRC channel where we were discussing my inability to get to 110* without a blanket over my board, they asked "is the board right up against the wood?" It wasn't and they insisted that would help a lot. I changed it, and as I expected, it didn't make any difference, I still couldn't hit over 70 degrees.

In the end the consensus was that the 24 volt power supply that I've got coming will solve the problems. Once I get that in place and get my bridge calibrations done I'm going to try printing a set of parts for sale.