First day of RepRap assembly

First day building on the RepRap. Mechanical construction, jigging and alignment is basically done. Electronics yet to go. Unfortunately electronics is poorly documented so I now have to go really slow and probably spend more time reading and looking at photos than actually building.
I should have motors running easily sometime later today. It may be a bit after that before I can start extruding. Calibration coming up and I have to load a new firmware in the Arduino before starting real work. The stock firmware doesn't do acceleration so it's not real fast and it's noisy and hard on the motors. Also it doesn't support the SD card reader I have coming.

I made the "mistake" of commenting on IRC to the kit maker that the doc was wrong or incomplete in several places. He emailed me a collaboration link and said "it'd be awesome if you'd fix that." Since it's an open source project, I will. I'm taking photographs of stuff that's badly documented currently. There are a lot of things that you just have to look at and puzzle out, or even put together, realize that doesn't work, take it apart and put it together again. In some respects that's not a bad thing but this is already a complex enough project. Right now you have to have 3 to 5 documents open at once and sort of hop around as you get to different parts.