weasel rats

This is basically what I had planned as one of the blinkie projects for next Duckon. Dammit. Ah well, my idea is actually somewhat different than this, I want to do it anyway. My idea had a power option, less sensors and stuff, and cost a LOT less than this - like $20 instead of $60.
Halloween Lilypad Costume Class - October 15th, 2011 - SparkFun Electronics

  • John Ridley - Oh, and the new Aniomagic fabric blinkies system that Sparkfun is carrying is pretty amazing. The programming method is limited but is incredibly clever and easy.
  • dermot dobson - I still want an illuminated device to wear under a shirt that looks like the power source worn by Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie...
  • John Ridley -
    Let me know if you want me to print one for you. I could even be convinced to build the blinkie to light it up...
    Actually that might be a good Duckon blinkie. The printed part would run the cost up a bit since that's not the simple diffuser that I've thought of for some blinkie projects.
  • dermot dobson - I wonder if a disk of electrofluorescent plastic with a mask over it might be easier, but yes, it has a particularly SFnal appeal that might make it a good Duckon project.
  • John Ridley - Hm, I had thought that the Arc Reactor had some LED sequencing inside it but I just flicked through IM1 real quick and it appears it just glows blue. I think I'd prefer to have some sequencing options even if they weren't technically accurate.

    I think LEDs are going to be easier, the EF plastic would require a more complex power supply. If the insert is printed with a translucent plastic, a half dozen blue LEDs behind it would work quite well.
  • Todd Johnson - Since it just glows blue, you could print a version that holds a few blue chemical lightsticks for those who don't want to solder.